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Julianne Victoria LaRue

      A professional and compassionate advocate for disenfranchised communities with a focus on neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ individuals. Actively working with the UNH art department to develop a new curriculum that pushes art into the digital age. Diplomatic, personable, and adept at managing sensitive situations.  

      I have worked at multiple conventions, presented as a panelist on convention photography, worked as a digital content manager for 3 small businesses, and worked at many places within the art scene, including Phillips Exeter Academy, UNH Museum of Art, Art Up Front Street, and the Seacoast Art Association. I have also had the pleasure of working with various models, cosplayers, actors, and bands. I strive to create a comfortable and fun environment where people are free to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.


My goals as an event photographer are to capture the experience of the convention from the lens of the attendees and the guests. This allows me to produce photos that have a natural and genuine nature. 

Momento Con 

Official floor photographer for Asset conventions. I documented the vendor's area, the autograph row, the panels, and behind the scenes of the photo opportunities. Worked with the talent to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Work with the staff and volunteers to assist in other matters when it comes to convention organization to ensure the convention's operations ran smoothly. 


Cosplay Photographer that was part of a team of photographers. I assisted cosplayers through crowds and took photos of the guests as well as ensured they had the best experience possible. 

Richmond Black and
White Affair 

Event Photographer for the Virginia Lottery during the Richmond Black and White Affair. Coverage included speeches, guest experience, catering, and overall atmosphere. 

Publications, Gallery Shows and Panels

I love to create art and educate others. This has allowed me the luxury of being a part of many publications, gallery shows, and panels. 

Museum of Art UNH
On The Edge

Created a drawing titled "Every Supper" that was selected to be displayed in the Spring 2022 gallery show at the UNH Museum of Art. 

Nerds and Beyond
2019 - Present

Working as a press photographer with writing and interview opportunities. 

I have also spoken as a panelist at Nerds and Beyond's convention in 2020 and 2021. These panels were Q & A panels about convention photography. 

Phillips Exeter Academy
ART 690

ART 690 was a unique opportunity for in-depth studio work dedicated to concept development and supported by the required investigation of working artists. This idea was formed by a collective of artists that work at Phillips Exeter Academy. These artists were myself, Tara Lewis, Carla Collins, Erica Lazure, Cheryl Onge, and Laura Schneider. This investigation informed my creative thinking and impacted my independent studio practice. Through the purposeful research of art historical movements and contemporary artists, I created a strong foundation for my project. This effort was supported by art readings, self-assigned prompts, concept proposals, group critiques, a studio journal, increased self-reflection, and written responses to contemporary art issues. I produced a project that was documented and published in a professionally printed artist book. By working collectively on this publication, the art faculty and I learned how to professionally document our artwork, crafted an effective artist statement, and understood our work within the greater context of the art world. The accompanying publication serves as an exhibition-in-print and visual anthology of the collective’s works.

Nerd Alert News
2018 - 2019

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